We work closely with our clients to provide customized consultancy services that enable them to achieve continuous improvement and compliance within their management systems and across all their business operations. Our consultants guide organizations to implement and maintain their management systems to certified standards. We assist our clients to achieve and maintain certification of their management systems to international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Clients choose us for our expertise, practical experience, and common-sense approach.

The consultancy services we offer include:

    • Management System Implementation
    • Gap analysis against standards
    • Drafting relevant documentation
    • Auditing, including internal and pre-assessments audits
    • Risk Assessments
    • Legal Compliance Assessments
    • Universal Access Audits and Design Appraisals

What we deliver:

We steer you through the entire process, and our quality management services include:

  • Design and implementation of a formal quality management system
  • Gap analysis of quality management systems to the international standards requirements
  • Setting quality objectives and targets
  • Process mapping
  • Pre-assessment and internal audits
  • Customer satisfaction measurement

We provide professional and expert quality management consultancy to businesses across all sectors and can tailor these services to suit your particular needs. We also provide consultancy on quality systems for specific sectors.