We help business owners to achieve maximum results in exceptional guest service delivery as well as profits through the provision of precise direction on hospitality requirements from start-up to daily operations.

We offer the following services;

  1. General Hospitality Consultancy
  2. Menu Engineering Solutions
  3. Hospitality Business Development Solutions
  4. Internal Quality Management Systems Audits
  5. Revenue Generation & Cost Containment Solutions
  6. Building Employees Capability

a) General Hospitality Consultancy

Strategic business management consultancy

The financial success of any Hospitality facility is largely dependent on the skill and ability of on-site management. Green World Hospitality Consultants provides Hospitality Management Services worldwide. We help hospitality investors in the day to day operations right from start-up or for already Existing establishments. We provide a wide range of expertise and experience that individual general managers cannot match. We give solutions to established, functional methods and procedures that constitute a complete system capable of handling the complex job of operating a hospitality facility.

b) Menu Engineering Solutions

Picture of a restaurant menu

Engineer Your Menu for Maximum Profits

Menu is the most powerful tool for marketing a restaurant. However, many restaurant owners design and plan their menu solely from an appearance and functional perspective. Menu Engineering is an effective approach for making your menu profitable. It deals with arranging the items on the menu so they align with consumer psychology and purchasing habits. Menu engineering helps restaurant owners put their best products in the most eye-catching and visible places on their menu.

We at Green World Hospitality Consultants, we study the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence the placement of these items on a menu. The goal is to increase profitability per guest. While menu engineering is most often mentioned in the context of traditional paper restaurant menus, the concepts are equally applicable to menus posted online, drink menus, specials written on table tents, and items written on menu boards. If you sell items that have varying levels of profitability and popularity, menu engineering may help you increase your profits.

We provide a well-executed initial menu-engineering effort takes us about 14 days to complete and can increase a restaurant’s profits by 10% to 15% on an ongoing basis. And the profit impact doesn’t have to stop there. Some restaurant groups call us in once a year to squeeze additional profits out of the same menu, and although the low-hanging fruit has already been picked in these cases, we have always been able to find additional profit increases that tend to be in the 10% range.

Estimated Percentage of Restaurants That Perform Menu Engineering
       Source: Menu Cover Depot LLC


The difference between the more and less successful attempts at menu engineering does not hinge on an establishment’s type or size. As an alternative, the determining factors are the restaurant owner/manager’s knowledge of the menu and willingness to put in the time and effort needed to understand the process and execute changes. The restaurant industry has a lot of low-hanging engineering profit waiting to be picked.

We offer a comprehensive Menu Engineering Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants. The Menu-Engineering Process involves:

  • Menu Costing – Done by the Customer (You Can’t Miss Out on This)
  • Categorizing the Menu Items According to Profit and Popularity Levels
  • Drafting your New Menu Design.
  • Testing your New Menu Design

For us to successfully help you in Analyzing your menu, we will require the following information from you;

  • Comprehensive List of Menu Items
  • The Number of Item Sold Within the Period
  • Individual Menu Item Food Cost
  • Individual Menu Item Selling Price

c) Hospitality Business Development Solutions

An illustration of a business development strategy

Our Business Development team works with investors who want to venture into the hospitality industry but may be lacking in previous knowledge of the industry. We start with Concept Development, do a feasibility study of the proposed business, develop a business plan that can be used to source for funding from financial institutions; we work with established architects, quantity surveyors, and interior designers to ensure that the hospitality establishment design is unique and captures the intended theme. We follow up to ensure every detail in the plan is followed and alterations are only for the better.

Our Pre-opening services cover developing a pre-opening plan and budget, purchasing, personnel recruitment, training, and establishing control systems. These services are designed for both newly developed hotels and existing properties.

d) Internal Quality Management System Audits

Logo for International Organization Standards (ISO)

Let’s start by asking yourself these questions;

  • Are your employees doing what they are supposed to do?
  • Are the laid down procedures for procurement, hiring, revenue collection, credit policy, business entertainment being followed?
  • Are the stocks properly safeguarded, and loopholes for pilferage sealed?

We at Green World Hospitality Consultants help our clients in implementing quality management systems that not only meet their needs and certification requirements but also bring significant business benefits.

These include:

  • Increased client confidence and satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency and increased productivity
  • Reduced costs due to reduced errors and rework
  • Positive impact on company profile and reputation
  • Improved staff motivation

e) Revenue Management & Cost Containment Solutions

A photo of revenue management analytics presentation

Every business owner feels his business is capable of earning more than the current returns. Our team of dedicated revenue management experts works with hotel managers and owners to drive revenue and significantly increase the hotel’s profits. We focus on the guests more than on the competition, we review pricing in all areas, recommending improvements in processes and how efficiently to deliver service to the guests. Besides advising how to grow the revenue, we also recognize there are departments which are cost centres and we work with the Hotel Management to identify areas of cost savings which cumulatively may save millions of shillings in the long run. By helping management to stick to the laid down budgets, we ensure that costs budgets are not exceeded.

f) Building Employee Capability through Effective Learning & Development Programs

A photo showing a session on building employee capability

Your Right Staff Are Your Best Assets

At Green World Hospitality Consultants, we believe that having the right employees in the right place is the most important asset a business can have. We offer a comprehensive HR solution for training and development, performance review and employee benefits advisory.

Want to really develop your employees and ensure they become long-term valuable assets able to lead your business? Building a layered Learning and Development program can be a great way to do this. This program should be implemented across the employee base, dependent on the development needs of staff. This covers both personal and professional development. Essentially, it’s the responsibility of the organisation to ensure that its employees have the skills and knowledge to meet the strategic and operational objectives of the company. The main objectives of learning and development are:

  • To help your business gain a competitive edge through improved business performance, productivity and efficiency
  • Improvement in employees’ skills and knowledge for their current job role
  • Increasing employees’ generic skills – i.e. employability skills or key competencies (e.g. team work, problem solving, communication)
  • Organisational development – i.e. the fostering of shared attitudes and values and change management.
  • Talent management.



Building a layered Learning and Development program can be done through the following ways:

  • Professional training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Cross-departmental training
  • Development of ‘soft skills’
  • Personal development

Many employees are promoted to people leaders without the requisite skills required to effectively manage a team. For this reason, ‘Train the trainer’ courses can be particularly effective when you are building your team.

We have partnered with a specialist(s) in revenue management whose focus is on enhancing service delivery through the provision of top-of-the-range hotel revenue management training available in Africa, for Africa, by Africans. The hotel revenue management training programme would be a key part of their overall branding.

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Are you looking forward to investing in the hospitality industry or already operational and in need of our services? The scope of our services, our expertise, and our network will bring the knowledge you need allowing us to better guide you throughout your envisioned dream. With our strong management philosophy, we are able to maximize your cash flow and your return on investment.

With our services, we give comprehensive feedback to the management or investor from a customer perspective. The motivation is ensuring that the business meets the customer expectation and that we create Moments of truth that wow our customers. The feedback comes with recommendations on areas of training, improvement and also rewarding star employees.